Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trailerhood style!

Here is a glance of my trailer style! Trailer style is not normal style. You want to be cute for yourself,because no one else is going to see you,but you want to be comfy. So I try to wear comfy shirts and relaxed pants or shorts or capri. Very relaxed easy to chase a tot in!!!! I LOOOVeee CANTON First MOnday Trades day! It's all good in the trailer hood raglan tee by My Tiara Fits! They have a booth in canton Texas it's one of my absolute favs I have a ton of shirts from them! They do different holiday ones. The shirts are super soft and super comfy!! I can throw on some pearls jeans and my boots and hit up the town with my girls or the hubs or just relax with some comfy lounge pants at the la casa!! The camo pants are also from canton but idk where I got them!! I had these originally in a capri and wore them with boots and they were super cute then summer came and I cut them into shorts!! So now I have these pants and I will soon purchase another pair for capri! Camo is super cute and this girl adds a little bling and makes it all the better! I did wear flops with this because the weather is nice today!!!I am frequent First Monday Shopper and love every mile of that place!!!! It comes every month and I only miss a few months a year!!!!

Maybe I call this a TRAILER WEAR THURSDAY!!
Bad Blurry pic but I have to use what I have for now. Maybe show this to my Love and ask him how am I supposed to have a respectable blog with pics like this!!!! I need a CAMERA dammit!!!!

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