Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tot, Pot and trailer.... part 1

We have had a very small victory today, but at this point ill take any no matter how small. My little tator tot is 21/2, and I have been trying this exhausting battle called potty training since he turned 2. When he was about 18 months, something freakishly came over him and he was using the potty to poop, well he was telling me that he pooped and we would go to the potty and he would finish doing his buisness. It happened like 3 or 4 times and maybe at that point I should have pushed it a little more, but he was my baby and I wasn't ready for that. Well what a freaking dummy I was. This FYI to any soon to be or current tot moms, if they start to tell you no matter what age, GO WITH IT!!!!!!! I could cut my legs off for not following through! Anywho, so we are passing this bridge now and my little VICTORY is that we have been in BIG BOY underwear for almost 4HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT believe it!!! I am sooo looking for the downfall though! Ill keep you posted on how this goes. I say part 1 but I don't know of how many!!!!

As I was writing this I saw the dreaded look that every tot has when its that time and then I knew it was to late!! We mad it 3 hrs and 45 min. He pooped in the big boy underwear.


Elmo needs to start working a little faster!
Happy Wednesday

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