Saturday, February 23, 2013

Life in the Falls....Witchita Falls that is!

       With a new year brings us to a new town! Our first stop is Wichita falls, Tx!!! What a nice town this has really turned out to be. I don't miss home so much here because, well it really feels like home. Its probably my fav town yet. We parked our home on wheels at a little spot in the Coyote Ranch Resort, It is a GREAT park and def a RESORT! It has a wonderful playground for Atley, and a Jumping pillow! Which I had never heard of, but is the absolute funnest thing ever invented for a child! Way better than a bouncy house, I think anyway! This park has amazing pull through sites,  and electrical poles. As wacky as that sounds, its really nice to be able to go outside at night when you have to check your pipes or hoses or electricity and the pole has a nice light on it!! You can see in your yard and don't trip over everything while you fumble around. They have cabins you can rent and super nice laundry facilities and showers. Our water froze about the third day we got here and busted a lot of the tubing, that we had to get replaced. Mind you this is a brand new trailer we just got in October and we already had to do major work to! Anywho, we had to use the showers and it was nice to know that you were not going to catch a funk in there!
     I think I have spent more time here than I did when we were in South Texas and it was a much farther drive. We are taking Atley to the Monster Jam truck rally that is going to be here next weekend, March 2nd, and he doesn't know and is going to be soooo super excited. He is sooo boy and into anything that is big and load! Just like his dad, who is also sooooo super excited to be going!
     I found a gym here with child care that is super nice! Atley loves the childcare here.  It is a struggle for me to start being healthy and stay on that track. It's no ones fault but my own, but having a schedule is hard when you travel all the time. I can start a routine in the trailer and then we will go home and it screws everything up!! I am trying to just push my self threw it but finding the motivation is a very difficult task. But ill just take it day to day!!
     Here are a few pics from around the trailer hood! I have a very funny video of Atley on the Jumping pillow that I will post shortly!!

This is the WONDERFUL play ground they have!! Probably the nicest one I have seen. Even at schools!! He was so proud when he could slide down the big slide all by himself.

Big boy going across the bridge!

For Atley's Bed, this trailer had a couch that folds out and has a storage compartment for like blankets. Well we converted that in to a bed cubby for him and he loves it!! So much that he dumped alllll of his toys in there! lol

About the second week here I found this little guy frozen in Robots, our boxer we adopted, bowl! After that i put mouse traps everywhere!
Thanks for reading, and Ill post more on our adventure soon!


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