Monday, February 4, 2013

A little crafty through Christmas!!

So this CHRISTmas I decide to make one of Atley's Santa gifts. He LOVES to cook and play kitchen and help me so I thought, thanks to some ideas from pinterest, that I could make him a stove out of some old end tables that I have! I have a problem of not taking before pics and I need to work on that totally and maybe some steps along the way. But for now I just have an after pic! This one turned out soooo cute that I decided to make my niece one for her 2nd birthday! Because I have a boy whenever I make or create something for him I am usually limited on what I can do but when I do things for my nieces I get to go all out! Needless to say Bella's is AMAZINGLY the cutest thing EVER!!!!
So this is my little guys kitchen! He loves it so much! I got him some stainless pots and pans and some cups and bowls and he goes to town! When I did his I put the pail on the side because I didn't think that I would be able to have the oven drawer and I wanted that for sure.
Of course when I make the first of anything I always think about the things I would do differently!
This is the sink side with a towel bar.

This is a top view! I did a few things different and I want to change Atley's up now.

This is the oven side with the stove top and burners. I loves that I got to use a cuter nob also. I just stapled on the material after I sewed the the hems!
I love be able to craft and come up with different stuff to make from old things we have around the house. I can't wait to start on my next creation and I will for sure take before, during and after pics!!

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