Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween Crafts

These are just a few of the crafts and wreaths and front porch decor I have done and put up for Halloween! Yes I got started extremely early! My husband thinks I am crazy but he is such a wonderful sport through it all! He simply smiles and nods his way through the whole month of October! Lol he is absolutely The GREATEST man!
Halloween is my favorite holiday and happens to be my birthday, this would be  why it is my favorite!  My mom thinks its  because we didn't get to decorate when I was younger and  that I am over compensating for it now! She is probably right, because moms are always right! LOL We have a big costume party every year and I feel like its the start of fall once it gets here! I also have done my mantel in my house and will post that picture as soon as I get a good one! Have a spooktaculer day!
I made this wreath for my mother in law! It was one of my favs when I finished it!
This little umbrella witch I hung on my front porch!
I LOVEEEE this gothy wreath! It just brought all of my, old Halloween feel decor, together. I tried to get more grown up with my decor this year!
I drapped black material over the furniture on the front porch to give it a spooky feel. I got these LED candles at hobby lobby and they looked perfect when the were on at night!
This wreath was on my back door!
This was at night but you cant really tell the candles were lit!

Lumber Jacking

So our week home has been pretty successful! We have a tree that has died due to the drought last year and we had to cut it down. I was seriously sad to see it go, but I won't have to worry about it falling on a passerby now. My husband and father-n-law did an amazing job getting it down safely all by there selfs, and thanks to my brother-n-law it did not take that long to get most of it cleaned up, of we had help from Atley and his cousin Peyton! A week away from work for my husband is never a week away from work. We always have a list of things that have to be done before we leave for the next adventure! Speaking of next adventure we are getting stuff ready to head out on Sunday and I am super excited to be going to San Antonio, Texas! I have a feeling it's going to be a great trailer park and fun stuff for Atley and I to get into!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Home sweet Home

 I am so happy to be home for 2 wks. Whats even better is that Jamie, my hubby,  gets to be home for 1 of the 2. He has not been home for more than 48hrs in about 4 months, and when he is here for that short amount of time we try to cram in so many things that have to be done around the house and find some time to visit with our family and friends! Atley, my son, loves to be home also. It makes me sad sometimes because he says " momma i want to go home!" So this week that we will be home will be wonderful for us all!
So we have been staying in Thackerville, Oklahoma! It is really as small as it sounds. It was made up of about 5 churches, 1 small gas station/ grocery store and a school. I never noticed what the population was but I am sure it could not have been more than 300. Needless to say I drove to Gainsville, Tx (it was about a 10 min drive) anytime I needed anything. We stayed at the Red River Ranch Rv Resort As fabulous as an Rv resort sounds, this was not! We travel quite a lot and there are times that you come across some places that are awful! I would not call this awful but it was in no means a resort. My suggestion to anyone needed a Rv park, or trailer hood as I choose to call it, I would stay at the Winstar Casino Rv. Its brand new and fabulous, and I only wish we would have known how long we were going to be working here and we would have moved.
I guess this is it for my very first blog! I have a lot of things to come this week, especially since I have already started getting ready for halloween!! ttyl