Monday, September 10, 2012

Home sweet Home

 I am so happy to be home for 2 wks. Whats even better is that Jamie, my hubby,  gets to be home for 1 of the 2. He has not been home for more than 48hrs in about 4 months, and when he is here for that short amount of time we try to cram in so many things that have to be done around the house and find some time to visit with our family and friends! Atley, my son, loves to be home also. It makes me sad sometimes because he says " momma i want to go home!" So this week that we will be home will be wonderful for us all!
So we have been staying in Thackerville, Oklahoma! It is really as small as it sounds. It was made up of about 5 churches, 1 small gas station/ grocery store and a school. I never noticed what the population was but I am sure it could not have been more than 300. Needless to say I drove to Gainsville, Tx (it was about a 10 min drive) anytime I needed anything. We stayed at the Red River Ranch Rv Resort As fabulous as an Rv resort sounds, this was not! We travel quite a lot and there are times that you come across some places that are awful! I would not call this awful but it was in no means a resort. My suggestion to anyone needed a Rv park, or trailer hood as I choose to call it, I would stay at the Winstar Casino Rv. Its brand new and fabulous, and I only wish we would have known how long we were going to be working here and we would have moved.
I guess this is it for my very first blog! I have a lot of things to come this week, especially since I have already started getting ready for halloween!! ttyl


  1. Got to just love Home Sweet Home right? Nice to meet ya girly!!! You have a great blog here keep it up!!

    1. Thanks sooo much Ashlee! Words of encouragement mean so much! :)