Monday, November 5, 2012

All Things October

So October came and went super fast! There was so much traveling back and forth this month that my car felt the most like home! LOL  Picking out Halloween costumes gets harder every year! This was the last official year I decided to pick out Atley's costume, so I decided he would be Tow Mater and I would be Lightning McQueen! He is a total Cars fan right now!!  Well of course I had to have a back up plan for him just in case he was in the " I DON"T want to wear that!!" Mood and so I got him a McQueen crew shirt and hat! The very first costume party that we went to (and we had 3) he did not want to wear Tow Mater so he was the pit crew and I was Lightning McQueen. This was the shirt that I painted and wore with a red tutu, black leggings and black converse! It was totally cute and could kick myself for not getting a better pick. Maybe I will just do a redo and put it on again and snap a pic. The shirt turned out great if I do say so!
This is a little blurry, ok a lot, but you get the picture! He is such a ham!!
Here is his Tow Mater costume. He really loved it when he finally wore it! My best friend, Candace, brought me a cupcake and they sang me happy birthday!! My loves!
This is the hubs and I in our Costumes for our annual Halloween party. We were
Clay and Gemma Morrow from our favorite show Sons of Anarchy! My best friend got me into this show and so I turned my husband on to it. It is just so addicting and we can not get enough of it!!
Atley and I spent our Halloween in the trailerhood with daddy so we did not get to go trick or treating.Atley and I did find a pumpkin patch at a local church and of course we checked that out. Atley had soooo much fun running around and picking out all the pumpkins. He just could not beleive how many were there. It was so much fun. watching him grow and experience new things is the absolute most awsome thing. He is so intrigued by everything and I just feel so blessed getting to spend every second with him as he is growing.
Searching for the perfect pumpkin!

He picked two baby pumpkins. He actually ended up getting three. One for him, one for momma and one for Clint. Clint is daddy's helper and Atley's best friend! lol

Before daddy got home to carve the pumpkins,we painted them with some red and blue paint!!

Buying and then living in a new Travel Trailer, or the technical term is 5th Wheel!

So I wanted to talk a little bit about our experience on buying a new RV. It is exhausting!!!! Its so much more intense then buying anything...ever!! We searched for probably 3 months looking for the perfect 5th wheel. Let me just say you will NEVER find the perfect one, you just get as close as possible. Any who,  I searched the WHOLE state of Texas looking for that perfect trailer. When we got down to SA (San Antonio) there are so many young brake out welders who want a nice trailer but used so of course we found a buyer for ours and had to start buckling down!! So I spent three days going to Rv dealers. It was HOT and I had to take the tator tot with me and we were exhausted!! I will say that we met some extremely nice sells men at Even though we did not buy a trailer from these guys it was our second option. Ok, so after the torturous search we FINALLY decided to go with in Seguin Texas. Our sales man was Gabriel, and he was WONDERFUL. I went with out my husband on almost all these trips, of course he was working and had to leave all trust to me, and Gabriel understood that and did not try to push me on anything. I gave him my wants and needs and he drove me around to all the ones he felt would be potential candidates. It was a really good experience and that first day of looking around set the bar. I had it narrowed down to three trailers. Two were the Blackwood by Thor and one was a Big Country by Heartland. The Big Country was truly a fabulous trailer complete with all the bells and whistles. It had a rear kitchen which is very ware to find and is any trailer wives dream, but in the end we decided to go with the Blackwood! It is ABSOLUTELY wonderful! It accommodates our family so well! Of course with any big expense, the hubs had reservations a little at first, but he has settled down and knows it was a great decision!! Explore USA gave us a great deal on this trailer with no BS about it. I totally recommend them if you decided to purchase a new, or used for that matter, Rv. They have a ton of dealers in Texas.
This is a glance from the stairs into the kitchen/ living room. I love that everything is wood and there is no ugly material pattern on everything. The only thing about wood is that you have to dust constantley.

This is the bedroom. The closet was one of my fav things. It is SO BIG we could have put Atley's play pen in there! The bathroom is separate from the room and that was a must, so that Jamie doesn't wake me up when he leaves in the morning! It has a full size shower. the only thing that we didn't get was the tub :(
So, now that we have the new trailer, I spend countless hours cleaning it. I do not really know why other than i want to keep it as new as possible, and the more I can familerize myself with it. I have made a plastic table cloth for the table and covered the chairs with diffrent material so the tot doe not get his dirty little hands on everything. LOL

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Living in San Antonio

Its been almost a month since my last blog and that is definitely not the dedication that I wanted to have, so i am sorry!! A whole lot has gone on in the last month so this will be a long post! First and foremost our move to San Antonio has been wonderful!!! There is a wonderful RV Park right outside of SA  called Braunig Lake RV Resort It is only like 10 mins from SA and like 20 mins from down town.It has nice paved spots and roads, very good to walk and stroll on with the tator tot!! It also has a big pond/lake with a ton of ducks that Atley loves to run after and chase till they decided to fly away from him.
Of course we are not for sure how long we will be here but we are going to try to soak it all in that we can. It is a bummer that the hubby has to work weekends, he doesn't always get to go and do the fun stuff with us, but we try to save some things for him!! I guess that's it for now I have more to post but the wifi here is really slow so I have to do a little at a time!! Happy Saturday friends!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween decor

These are two prices I just finished up! Now all my Halloween decorating is done!!! Everything is perfect and I can't wait for the party in a few weeks!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween Crafts

These are just a few of the crafts and wreaths and front porch decor I have done and put up for Halloween! Yes I got started extremely early! My husband thinks I am crazy but he is such a wonderful sport through it all! He simply smiles and nods his way through the whole month of October! Lol he is absolutely The GREATEST man!
Halloween is my favorite holiday and happens to be my birthday, this would be  why it is my favorite!  My mom thinks its  because we didn't get to decorate when I was younger and  that I am over compensating for it now! She is probably right, because moms are always right! LOL We have a big costume party every year and I feel like its the start of fall once it gets here! I also have done my mantel in my house and will post that picture as soon as I get a good one! Have a spooktaculer day!
I made this wreath for my mother in law! It was one of my favs when I finished it!
This little umbrella witch I hung on my front porch!
I LOVEEEE this gothy wreath! It just brought all of my, old Halloween feel decor, together. I tried to get more grown up with my decor this year!
I drapped black material over the furniture on the front porch to give it a spooky feel. I got these LED candles at hobby lobby and they looked perfect when the were on at night!
This wreath was on my back door!
This was at night but you cant really tell the candles were lit!

Lumber Jacking

So our week home has been pretty successful! We have a tree that has died due to the drought last year and we had to cut it down. I was seriously sad to see it go, but I won't have to worry about it falling on a passerby now. My husband and father-n-law did an amazing job getting it down safely all by there selfs, and thanks to my brother-n-law it did not take that long to get most of it cleaned up, of we had help from Atley and his cousin Peyton! A week away from work for my husband is never a week away from work. We always have a list of things that have to be done before we leave for the next adventure! Speaking of next adventure we are getting stuff ready to head out on Sunday and I am super excited to be going to San Antonio, Texas! I have a feeling it's going to be a great trailer park and fun stuff for Atley and I to get into!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Home sweet Home

 I am so happy to be home for 2 wks. Whats even better is that Jamie, my hubby,  gets to be home for 1 of the 2. He has not been home for more than 48hrs in about 4 months, and when he is here for that short amount of time we try to cram in so many things that have to be done around the house and find some time to visit with our family and friends! Atley, my son, loves to be home also. It makes me sad sometimes because he says " momma i want to go home!" So this week that we will be home will be wonderful for us all!
So we have been staying in Thackerville, Oklahoma! It is really as small as it sounds. It was made up of about 5 churches, 1 small gas station/ grocery store and a school. I never noticed what the population was but I am sure it could not have been more than 300. Needless to say I drove to Gainsville, Tx (it was about a 10 min drive) anytime I needed anything. We stayed at the Red River Ranch Rv Resort As fabulous as an Rv resort sounds, this was not! We travel quite a lot and there are times that you come across some places that are awful! I would not call this awful but it was in no means a resort. My suggestion to anyone needed a Rv park, or trailer hood as I choose to call it, I would stay at the Winstar Casino Rv. Its brand new and fabulous, and I only wish we would have known how long we were going to be working here and we would have moved.
I guess this is it for my very first blog! I have a lot of things to come this week, especially since I have already started getting ready for halloween!! ttyl