Monday, November 5, 2012

All Things October

So October came and went super fast! There was so much traveling back and forth this month that my car felt the most like home! LOL  Picking out Halloween costumes gets harder every year! This was the last official year I decided to pick out Atley's costume, so I decided he would be Tow Mater and I would be Lightning McQueen! He is a total Cars fan right now!!  Well of course I had to have a back up plan for him just in case he was in the " I DON"T want to wear that!!" Mood and so I got him a McQueen crew shirt and hat! The very first costume party that we went to (and we had 3) he did not want to wear Tow Mater so he was the pit crew and I was Lightning McQueen. This was the shirt that I painted and wore with a red tutu, black leggings and black converse! It was totally cute and could kick myself for not getting a better pick. Maybe I will just do a redo and put it on again and snap a pic. The shirt turned out great if I do say so!
This is a little blurry, ok a lot, but you get the picture! He is such a ham!!
Here is his Tow Mater costume. He really loved it when he finally wore it! My best friend, Candace, brought me a cupcake and they sang me happy birthday!! My loves!
This is the hubs and I in our Costumes for our annual Halloween party. We were
Clay and Gemma Morrow from our favorite show Sons of Anarchy! My best friend got me into this show and so I turned my husband on to it. It is just so addicting and we can not get enough of it!!
Atley and I spent our Halloween in the trailerhood with daddy so we did not get to go trick or treating.Atley and I did find a pumpkin patch at a local church and of course we checked that out. Atley had soooo much fun running around and picking out all the pumpkins. He just could not beleive how many were there. It was so much fun. watching him grow and experience new things is the absolute most awsome thing. He is so intrigued by everything and I just feel so blessed getting to spend every second with him as he is growing.
Searching for the perfect pumpkin!

He picked two baby pumpkins. He actually ended up getting three. One for him, one for momma and one for Clint. Clint is daddy's helper and Atley's best friend! lol

Before daddy got home to carve the pumpkins,we painted them with some red and blue paint!!

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