Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why have a BLOG if you don't Blog...

I soo feel awful that I haven't blogged in like months! Why did I start this if I am not going to follow through!! If not for any one else, I should do it for myself!!

Let's play a little catch up!! The Holidays came and went with out fail! I found that I had probably more free time this year than I have in about 10 yrs!! We had Thanksgiving at my father-n-laws house for the first time. I love to decorate for party's and any excuse is a good one. One of my sister-n-laws, totally feels the same way I do so.... decorate we did! It was wonderful and I love being surrounded by family and friends. We had a great CHRISTmas. I guess the hubs finished up work in San Antonio around.... Thanksgiving and we were off till second week in January! We were totally busy with house projects and friend projects that the time at home didn't seem like it was long at all!! It seemed this year we were missing a CHRISTmas. I mean we had the whole day for CHRISTmas eve with with no where to go. It was the strangest to not be running my legs off trying to get every where. I am totally not complaining though, it was WONDERFUL!!!!
Here are a few pictures of my Christmas Decor. This was Atleys tree for his room. This year he got to decorate it all by his self. (With a little mom supervision of course!! lol)
A shot of my mantle and tree. I don't have a close up of my CHRISTmas tree skirt I made last year, but ill just say it is fabulous.
This is Deer. He was a little cold so we added a scarf and hat!!
Aside from the holidays we had a few exciting things happen in December!!
This is my best friend Candace and her husband. In this picture she was 20 wks pregnant and having her gender reveal party. Candace had to to go through everything imaginable to get
pregnant with this wonderful blessing.
Soooooo with much anticipation.........
Its a BOY!!!!!!!!! Trevor will be here in May and we are oh sooo very happy!!!
 Me, Candace, and our other friend Courtney. We all became friends later in our twenties but had so much in common we became best friends. Now that she is having a boy we will all have boys that we hope to grow and become just as good of friends as we are!! Love these girls!
My youngest sister-n-law ( I have 4 of them) is a Senior this year and was nominated for Homecoming Queen and we were soooo excited!!!
This is The LHS Homecoming King Logan and Queen Jensen!
Isn't she just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
There are always so many holiday partys that we try to get to but one of my favs is thrown by my other SIL Megan! She has a tacky CHRISTmas party every year, well this is her second, and because I love to be soooo crafty I make mine and my hubby's sweater for this!! I love to do it to see what I can come up with and he throws in his ideas as well!!!!
He is such a good sport!! I love him to the moon!!
We spent our new years eve at My SIL Christie's house playing board games, cards, and dominoes! It was a great night and spending it with Family ans Friends is the absolute!!!
These are my sisters from other misters!! lol This crazy family I became a part of would not be the same with out them!!
Well that's it for now, we are at a new location for work now and ill post about that later!!
TTYL, Christian

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