Monday, November 5, 2012

Buying and then living in a new Travel Trailer, or the technical term is 5th Wheel!

So I wanted to talk a little bit about our experience on buying a new RV. It is exhausting!!!! Its so much more intense then buying anything...ever!! We searched for probably 3 months looking for the perfect 5th wheel. Let me just say you will NEVER find the perfect one, you just get as close as possible. Any who,  I searched the WHOLE state of Texas looking for that perfect trailer. When we got down to SA (San Antonio) there are so many young brake out welders who want a nice trailer but used so of course we found a buyer for ours and had to start buckling down!! So I spent three days going to Rv dealers. It was HOT and I had to take the tator tot with me and we were exhausted!! I will say that we met some extremely nice sells men at Even though we did not buy a trailer from these guys it was our second option. Ok, so after the torturous search we FINALLY decided to go with in Seguin Texas. Our sales man was Gabriel, and he was WONDERFUL. I went with out my husband on almost all these trips, of course he was working and had to leave all trust to me, and Gabriel understood that and did not try to push me on anything. I gave him my wants and needs and he drove me around to all the ones he felt would be potential candidates. It was a really good experience and that first day of looking around set the bar. I had it narrowed down to three trailers. Two were the Blackwood by Thor and one was a Big Country by Heartland. The Big Country was truly a fabulous trailer complete with all the bells and whistles. It had a rear kitchen which is very ware to find and is any trailer wives dream, but in the end we decided to go with the Blackwood! It is ABSOLUTELY wonderful! It accommodates our family so well! Of course with any big expense, the hubs had reservations a little at first, but he has settled down and knows it was a great decision!! Explore USA gave us a great deal on this trailer with no BS about it. I totally recommend them if you decided to purchase a new, or used for that matter, Rv. They have a ton of dealers in Texas.
This is a glance from the stairs into the kitchen/ living room. I love that everything is wood and there is no ugly material pattern on everything. The only thing about wood is that you have to dust constantley.

This is the bedroom. The closet was one of my fav things. It is SO BIG we could have put Atley's play pen in there! The bathroom is separate from the room and that was a must, so that Jamie doesn't wake me up when he leaves in the morning! It has a full size shower. the only thing that we didn't get was the tub :(
So, now that we have the new trailer, I spend countless hours cleaning it. I do not really know why other than i want to keep it as new as possible, and the more I can familerize myself with it. I have made a plastic table cloth for the table and covered the chairs with diffrent material so the tot doe not get his dirty little hands on everything. LOL

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