Monday, March 11, 2013

Around the trailer hood and Atleys SURPRISE!!!

 I got a new CAMERA!!!!!! I am oh sooo happy about! It was so hard to take pics with the phone then upload! It was driving me nuts so this is easier!! I got a Nikon Coolpix L810 and so far I LOVEEEEE it!! I still have a lot to figure out but it shouldn't take me that long!
You can see it in the reflection!I took a pic of my hair I change it so often and I don't always get pics of it to remember!! My fabulous Hair chick loves me, because I let her have a whole lot of freedom!!! See when you are a stay at home mom you can pretty much do what ever the french you want to your hair!! So I do! Its very refreshing to not have to worry about it! lol
This is a little purple and about a week after I took this I went to see her again and she added some red in!
This is how the tot felt about my new camera! lol
We just moved to Weatherford, Tx and the last 2 wks in the "Falls" we had a few things planned! Its nice that we have moved already but the moving day was a Biootch!! I had the tot and his cousin and I had to pack up the whole trailer BY MYSELF!!! Of course they were of NO help but at least they kept each other company so I could get a few things done! Packing up the trailer is a process and I dread it as much as I dread packing to go to the trailer! But when its done its a relief. I know I took my time to make sure things are secure! So I thought! The hubs got to the trailer and we put the slideouts in. I wanted to wait for him for this reason, if something happened I did NOT want it ato be my fault! Well I, yes I, slid in the living room slide and broke the damn fan blade! UGHHH I was sooo peeved! We have had this trailer for 6 damn months and I ALREADY broke the stupid fan! Jamie just shook his head and then told EverYONe about it! Then I forgot to roll down the antenna and a window in the bed room! Finally I was finished and said I am not going back in!
Oh rObOt!! Just a quick pic! Sweet boy!
We adopted him from the shelter at home!! He is the sweetest guy! He has one ice blue eye and one brown and he stands on 2 legs and loves to give hugs! He is a big boy weighing at 65lb and on 2 legs about 3.5 ft tall, maybe taller!
Monster Jam came to town and we decided we wanted to take the tot! He is all boy! He loves rocks, dirt, cars, dirt, tools, and dirt!!! I knew he was going to love and dad was totally pumped as well!! lol
In full gear! lol He was sooo funny! He would stand up and cheer for all the trucks! I loved it!

This guy was pretty good but the IronMan and GraveDigger were the BEst ones!

I LOoove this shot of IronMan he was doing the wheelie contest!

Loving it up!! He couldn't take his eyes off for a quick pic!

I forgot this guys name but he was pretty good as well! El toro something!

GraveDigger fell over during the freestyle, he was all good though!! I think he does that on purpose!! I would! lol
So Glad to be moved but we shall see how the new hood will be! Wish me luck!
Laters, Traveling Wife and Mommy

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