Thursday, March 21, 2013

A fav shirt and the new trailerhood!!!

Thursday trailerhood style! I have totally missed a few of these since I said I would do it , but Ill get better, please forgive me!One outfit  is a little fancier than the other, I was spending the day with my mom and we were going shopping the other I was just making my way around the new town! I absolutely live this shirt. I got it at Baskins in Witchita Falls its by Gypsy Soul!!! My wonderful friend Megan took me to Tesky's here in Weatherford and it is AMAZIng!!! Omg I could have stayed in that store forev! They have Gypsy Soul there and I wanted every piece!!!! Maybe ill go grab something else before we leave this town!! Lol speaking of towns I am living in Weatherfordnow! The construction is very sucky but the town is nice! What makes it even better is that my friend Megan and her family live here and she is going to push me to the gym! Lol literally! So hopefully we will be her for a while!
Excuse the mess!! Its hard to monuver around the bedroom in the trailer! Anywho Here I put the shirt with shorts and flops!!! I loveeee this shirt its so comfy and thats what trailer style is about cute and comfy!!!

Here I paired with a pair of NY and Co Jeans that I roled up and some cute sandals I got last year at Shoe Carnival I think! And of course pearls in which ever color!! I could have layed 3 more strands! The more pearls the better!!!

We are staying at the KOA and it's ok! We got like 3 complaints the first day we were here which kinda pissed me off but I wasn't here to see ho they were coming from!!! The trailer spaces are super close together and that makes for NoOO privacy but at least we know our neighbors and the kids have a small area to play in!!!
Hmmm I guess that's it for today! We are heading home for the weekend!! I have a huge surprise I am going to post next week!!! Me and some girls are heade to round top for antique week and we are dokie g some crazy things to prepare!!!

This is our neighbors trailer!! I could throw water balloons at it if the window opened up more! lol

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