Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting closer to East Texas


Our job is on its last stretch!!!. We have moved from Weatherford to Burleson Texas now and our next stop is home. Just in time for the start of summer and then we make the decision of where to go next!! My hubby got moved from the firing line back to tie ends which is great because we get to finish the job. I love when he gets on tie ends it is totally job security!! The only down fall is the long hours and working 7 days sometimes. I am totally looking forward to a few weeks at home with all of us!!

Daddy and the tot on Easter!! We had a great Easter with lots of family and egg hunts!

Atley and I went home for a week or two and his friend Christian missed him dearly!! It was so nice to have another family right next to us so Atley could have a play mate!! They just left Burleson to go home since the job was done and Atley doesn't understand where Christian is and when she is coming back!! Hopefully we will run into them again one day on another job.

The Texas heat has hit and so we got the kids a pool and of course in trailer park style we blew it up and put it in the front of the trailer!! lol they loved it! It was def better than the bucket of water we had given them to play with the day before!

Relaxing Trailer trash style!!

I got my hair done AGAIN!!!! I have to change it up every 7 wks!! This time we added a little more purple and some fun green!! I LOOOOVE my hair girl she is the absolute best!!!

Southern Jitney's
Ok the time has come for me to introduce The Southern Jitneys!! Three of my gf's and I decided we wanted paint my husbands bus, of course he made us buy it first! lol!! Anywho, we wanted to get it ready before Antique Week in Round Top, Texas! We busted our arsses, but we finished it in the nick of time!! We might have done some detail work on the way up there but it was complete by the time we got there!
I have more pics of our adventure and the inside of the bus, but I think I am going to do one big post on that later. However, I will tell you that the Junk Gypsy momma and daddy got on our bus and the Junk Gypsy sisters put a pic of the bus on their IG!! So maybe the bus is kind of a BIG DEAL!!! lol
Here is my JG Junk-o-Roma Prom outfit that I loved!! I got the skirt in Warrenton last year and the jacket I bought from the JG's this year!! It was SOOOO cold and I totally did not pack a jacket!! OH and the fabulous hat I got there also!! We had soooo much fun I can not wait until October so we can go again!!!
I could sooooo dress like this everyday if the weather permitted!! lol The gaudier the better!!!! lol
Lots of love The traveling wife and mommy!!!


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