Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Potty training complete!!!

I am proud to announce that we are officially POTTY TRAINED!!!!! I could not be any prouder!! It was a bit of a battle but its done and it feels great!! although I did think that once we were potty trained I would be done with poop, and that is so not the case, but at least the poop goes in the potty first and I am just the clean up crew!! lol The pooping has been the hardest part of this whole experience, and I have no idea why?? I started doing treats and prizes and that has been working GREAT!!!! I am still giving treats and will continue until he just goes on his with out having to tell me!!! Whatev works!!!

This is what his surprises were for the first 3 poops! He got a new monster truck. This is his obsession right now so it was a great incentive. After he got those then he got to pick a sticker or fruit snack or marshmallows. Anything that he loves to snack but only gets every now and then I used for treats!!
If you notice on his sweet face he has a bad booboo!! He had an accident with a  bumper car and the concrete on the car port!! It was AWFUL and we now have a dead tooth because of it!!! It healed very quickly and with no scaring though!!!
Meet BAby Trevor Dean Peirce!!!
My best friend in the whole world finally had her new baby boy on May 6th! We have been waiting for this day for soooo long it was so surreal that it was even here!! He took his precious time at coming too. She pushed for 2 hrs before they finally decided to do a C-section. When he finally arrived he was the sweetest little thing. He was 7lbs and 20in!! Just perfect!!!! I just love him soo much and I know he and Atley are going to be the best of friends!!!!!
He was the tiniest thing!! I never got to hold Atley being this small!!

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